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January 26, 2021
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Getting Things DoneĀ®
Hosted by U.S. EPA - Region 10

Fee Information:
Non EPA Region 10 Employee Course Materials Fee: $165 (Public Seminar fee is $595) - Credit card form is attached on the Details and Registration page linked below.

What is GTD®

GTD® is the popular shorthand for "Getting Things Done®", the groundbreaking work-life management system and book by David Allen that transforms personal overwhelm and overload into an integrated system of stress-free productivity.
Piloting a productivity seminar for a thousand managers at Lockheed in 1983, David has continued to test and refine the techniques and principles we now know as GTD® - a powerful method to manage commitments, information, and communication. This pioneering and proven system is the result of those twenty plus years of David's consulting, private coaching and organizational programs with over a half million people internationally. GTD® has well earned its recognition as the gold standard in personal management and productivity for many of the world's best and brightest people and companies.
Sophisticated without being confining, the subtle effectiveness of GTD® lies in its radically common sense notion that with a complete and current inventory of all your commitments, organized and reviewed in a systematic way, you can focus clearly, view your world from optimal angles and make trusted choices about what to do (and not do) at any moment. GTD® embodies an easy, step-by-step and highly efficient method for achieving this relaxed, productive state. It includes:

  • Capturing anything and everything that has your attention
  • Defining actionable things discretely into outcomes and concrete next steps
  • Organizing reminders and information in the most streamlined way, in appropriate categories, based on how and when you need to access them
  • Keeping current and "on your game" with appropriately frequent reviews of the six horizons of your commitments (purpose, vision, goals, areas of focus, projects, and actions)

Implementing GTD alleviates the feeling of overwhelm, instills confidence, and releases a flood of creative energy. It provides structure without constraint, managing details with maximum flexibility. The system rigorously adheres to the core principles of productivity, while allowing tremendous freedom in the "how." The only "right" way to do GTD is getting meaningful things done with truly the least amount of invested attention and energy. Coaching thousands of people, where they work, about their work, has informed the GTD method with the best practices of how to work (and live), in that most efficient and productive way.
GTDs simplicity, flexibility, and immediacy are its attraction. Its ability to enliven, enlighten, and empower is its magic. What, indeed, is GTD? More than meets the eye...

Course Description:

This is a very tactically oriented, hands-on seminar on how to get your GTD system up and running. You will learn the fundamental GTD® thinking process and start to build a trusted workflow system. This one-day presentation is packed with practical recommendations and suggestions about how to put GTD® to work for you--at work, at home and in everything you do.

What you’ll learn:

  • Managing your workflow seamlessly (collect, process, organize, review and do)
  • Making clear decisions on your projects and actions
  • Creating your draft GTD system for managing your projects and actions
  • Getting your email to zero on a regular basis
  • Organizing your projects and related pieces
  • Efficiently dealing with filing
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Prioritizing

My registration includes:

  • Seminar workbook, with abundant information and examples on all of the concepts presented in the course
  • JumpStart Guide to use as a starter system for tracking your projects and actions
  • Copy of David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
  • GTD® System Guides, which are laminated cards of the key GTD models covered in the course
  • GTD® Workflow Map
  • A twelve (12) month membership to GTD Connect®

GTD Connect Members get unlimited access to:

  • Webinars offered every few weeks by David Allen or the Coaches - that's about 24 Webinars per year
  • 10% off products in the David Allen store (excluding bundles or sale products, which are already deeply discounted)
  • David's compelling "In Conversation" series, through podcast and on CD, interviewing fascinating GTD'ers from around the world
  • "Slice of GTD Life" videos by David, the Coaches and our members showing GTD in action
  • A huge GTD multimedia library, including archived Webinars, articles and Setup Guides for your favorite tools
  • Podcasts into iTunes and downloads to take Connect content on-the-go (not available for free trial members)
  • Lively discussion forums chatting with David, the Coaches and other members asking questions and sharing ideas
  • Your own private Intention Journal for tracking your goals and affirmations
  • The GTD-Q to see how well you're managing your control and perspective, with direction about what GTD can do for you
  • Weekly Review reminder emails with a key tip and inspirational quote from David
  • 25% off your tuition to a Public Seminar
  • The 16-part GTD Getting Started and Refresher Series for getting GTD off the ground, or fine-tuning your current setup
  • Book Club for reading and discussing Getting Things Done, Ready for Anything and Making It All Work
  • An email help line to "Ask the Coaches" questions about GTD
For general information contact Diane Ruthruff by telephone at 206-553-5139 or via e-mail at

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