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January 26, 2021
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Living Building Challenge: The Road to Zero-Impact Buildings
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

Take a minute to envision a building which is informed by its eco-region's characteristics, generates all of its own energy, captures and treats all of its own water, operates efficiently and is truly beautiful.

As the LEED Green Building Rating System is becoming more widely adopted in the building industry, the need for the next benchmark is apparent. What’s the next step? How do we continue evolving design and construction processes to a point where no harm is done to the environment? The Living Building Challenge provides an answer. This new green building protocol, authored by Jason McLennan and operated by Cascadia Green Building Council, challenges the approach with which buildings are typically designed, constructed and operated. It presents a set of imperatives, rather than optional “points”, that when implemented, result in a structure embodying the highest level of true sustainability currently attainable in the built environment.

This course will introduce the philosophy behind a "living building", the creation and structure of the Living Building Challenge, examples of projects that are on track to meet the requirements, and design strategies which pave the way for reaching this monumental threshold of green building.

Participants will walk away from this class with a working knowledge of the Living Building Challenge prerequisites, various methodologies for pursuing the challenge, and tools for overcoming some of the struggles which need to be tackled to make this level of green building more attainable. Through interactive break-out sessions, attendees will discover new approaches for creating team dynamics which encourage wild ideas, spark creativity and foster the innovation necessary to dream up out-of-the-box green building solutions.

Registration:$150* earlybird discount for registrations received by November 13, 2009 $175/$225* Thereafter For general information contact Eldan Goldenberg by telephone at 206-762-1976 or via e-mail at

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